Our Services

If you have any questions about our pricing plan or anything else, please contact us via our social media (Facebook, Instagram) or by phone call.

Please understand that there is no time limit for staying in the karaoke room, if you are in the room more than 1 hour, you will be charged every 15 minutes.

All prices are tax excluded.


You can book one of our private karaoke rooms for only ¥3000/hour per room. Please call or message us via our social media beforehand! If you pass by our shop and are lucky, come check out if there are any availabilities.


If all of our private rooms are full or if you are a small group, we are opening a public karaoke room for anyone to join only for ¥1000/hour per person! Meet new people and sing along with everyone!


While singing your heart out, you can also ask for an ALL YOU CAN DRINK SET (spirits/mixers, cocktails, beers, wines & soft drinks included)! Time limit is 2 hours for ¥3000/person.


Have a seat in our bar and enjoy some free karaoke while drinking and eating or while waiting for your private karaoke room to get ready! Let’s have fun together!


Ready to provide and organize different types of parties from meetings, after work, celebrations… with a scale of 20 people maximum! Hit us up for more info 😉 FYI, we are a smoking establishment.


We invested in the best sound and lighting system for our karaoke rooms. Enjoy the good vibe and the crazy lighting that we created!

Yakitori Bar

Come enjoying some yakitori and drinks at our bar! Skewers are available from noon to 19:00! All prices are tax excluded.

Upcoming Events

Don’t miss any events at Sakura Namba Karaoke!

June 1st
UEFA Champions League Finale 2024
Come to our bar karaoke to watch the finale game between Real Madrid VS Dortmund at 4:00am (Japan time)! Make your bet on the finale score + the winning team and win one of our prizes! First prize is ¥10.000 cash prize + discount for one of our private karaoke rooms! Check our social media to get more details about the conditions to enter.

Celebrating Your Birthday?

Sakura Event

We are offering a birthday celebration service!

Spacious space, full equipment and decor system… We will definitely bring a memorable party to your special event!

Birthday cake

  • Birthday cake ordering service upon request.


  • Taking 2 free instant photos
  • We also hire a professional photographer/videographer to take your photos and/or a video for your event

Please contact us for more information or for a quotation.

Sakura birthday event 2

Choose your room for
your birthday party!


VIP Room

  • Party room space
  • Private service staff
  • VIP sound and lighting system
  • Maximum capacity of over 30 people

Normal Room

  • Standard theater space
  • Standard sound and lighting system.
  • Maximum capacity of 15 people

Please contact us for more information or for a quotation.

Sakura birthday event 1

Our Food & Drink Packages


Basic Package

  • 2 dishes + 1 fruit plate
  • 3 drinks of your choice

Sakura Package

  • 4 dishes
  • 6 drinks of your choice

VIP Package

  • 5 dishes
  • 6 drinks of your choice

Please contact us for more information or for a quotation.

SAKURA Birthday event

Decoration Packages


Basic Package

  • Birthday number, banner, birthday hats, curtain lights, birthday handheld signs

Party Package

  • Birthday number, banner, fun glasses, mini trumpets, birthday hats, glitter cannon, curtain lights, birthday handheld signs

Please contact us for more information or for a quotation.


Contact Us

We always welcome you. Please contact us to reserve a table in advance so we can serve you better!



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